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The latest technologies, proven experience, rock-solid architecture


Startup Well

Strategy and Services to start a project or product right

Our architects and development staff have been there - each one in the trenches on multiple successful startups. Our tech team works with your team to move quickly and take advantage of the opportunity you identified.

Scale Right

Growth strategies and implementation

You are off and running - now you need to scale your technology, operations, and footprint. We take you there without breaking the bank.

Deal with the Unexpected

Emergency consulting

Things go wrong. Our specialists know how to quickly evaluate and help you deal with emergencies - both technical and non-technical. Better yet, we will work with you to prepare fault-tolerant systems and processes before the need arises.

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We will work with your team to make your project successful. Bring our expertise to bear on your product!

Why Watchman?

Today's Technologies
Our consultants stay on top of the latest technologies - and we have deep roots in the most used and reliable languages and tools in the world. Whether you need a cross-platform mobile application, to integrate machine learning with your existing system, a scalable and fault-tolerant back-end for your systems, or a combination of all of the above, we have you covered.
Global Reach
Our client list includes small startups to Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Distance isn't an issue - we know how to make it work, and work well.
(Watchman, itself, is a distributed team - we do this every day!)
We understand that you need to get your project out the door. Our consultants have received international awards for delivering major projects in tight timeframes.
(Yeah - Fortune 500 companies nominate you for awards for things like that.)
Custom Technology . . .
. . . without the custom price. Talk to us - you'll be surprised how affordable world-class consulting and development can be!
Some of our projects are relied upon 24x7 for public safety, healthcare, and finance. We can engineer your project to meet whatever your needs are, too.
Like the mountain we are named after, Watchman Technologies designs and builds systems that you can rely on and build on in the future.

Comments on our Team

"... We greatly appreciate [consultant's] in-depth ability to evaluate and understand each technical component of any project. ... He proposes and develops solutions to any issue thus making him a true asset to any project. [He] is a true leader in the highest degree and is always readily available for questions with a thorough answer. [He] would be the first I would call to lead a technical team and take any project to the next level. It was a true pleasure ..."
—Michael Mason, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at FairWarning, Inc
" . . . the most creative and talented programmers I know. National experts with Java, [they] have reviewed, evaluated and consulted with companies throughout the world. [Their] programming talents have provided the rock solid basis of successful companies in the region who have been acquired by larger entities. Matt is also a leader and is able to engage and train teams in market where talent is scarce. ... I highly recommend [Watchman] as chock-full-of-ideas guys who are able to produce, implement and articulate."
—Jill Ellis, Executive Director, Business Resource Center, Dixie State University´┐╝
"I connected [Watchman] when we just started the Eclipse Open Healthcare Framework open source project in IBM. [They] immediately took OpenEMR and integrated it with the OHF Bridge and in no time he got the application ready for the IHF Connectathon and the NHIN prototype. In the NHIN project Matt and his team joined very late in the game. [They] worked under lots of pressure and succeeded to deliver the integrated OpenEMR to the NHIN clinics."
—Eishay Smith, Senior Software Engineer at IBM Almaden Research Center
"[Consultant] stands above the crowd in his strategic approach to matching business needs with appropriate technology integrations. He tackles the big problems while rallying his team to work with him and get the solutions built and delivered."
—Rick Cherrington,´┐╝Client Benefits Manager at CVS Caremark Corporation
"Watchman's knowledge and skill in the areas of systems administration and software engineering are extremely deep and broad. Because of their experience in a vast number of technologies, they are able to see problems before they are even created and develop solutions before most people can even understand the problem."
—Bryan Pugh, Java Developer at Progrexion
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